We divide our training into courses aimed at consumers and instruction directed at companies/professionals. Select the training for which you want to receive additional information and enrol!

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Courses for consumers

Self-defence course for women

Our most popular form of training is a self-defence course for women. The popularity of this course is based on the fact that we put a priority on prevention. Alongside training involving physical contact, we also provide training in getting out of threatening situations. In other words, this course is suitable for women of all levels of physical fitness.
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Living on the borderline of threatening physical contact - A safety course

A security course, dubbed an ‘FRK course’ by our trainers, aims to provide you with the ability to respond effectively in surprise situations in which you experience intense stress and fear. Although the level of security is very high in Finland, our customers include some individuals whose work or life situation calls for preparing for both mental and physical threats.
Course participants are given a rundown of the most common methods of attack and some simple but effective ways to fight them off.

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Courses for the security sector

TCCC - Tactical combat casualty care

TCCC is divided into three different forms of first aid given in combat / in the field: first aid under fire, first aid protected from fire, and first aid in a situation in which evacuation has already been initiated.

Taking care of the wounded irrespective of hostile fire, limited medical supplies, or a large number of patients and casualties has verifiably and radically reduced the number of battlefield casualties where victims succumb to their injuries in the conflict areas in the 2000s.

The training comprises the identification and treatment of most common injuries in the field.  During the course, the students are given an orientation in the treatment of injuries caused by bullets, fragments and air pressure, as well as of burns and the use of appropriate instruments. The training comprises theoretical and practical modules.

The course is suited for all personnel working in the security sector, for individuals dealing with firearms, for employees travelling in crisis-stricken countries on assignment, and for amateurs who want to participate in professional training.

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Training in personal security

Our skilled staff with international experience in personal security provide theoretical and practical training. This training unit includes a course in tactical shooting.

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Training in tools required at work and in leisure time

This tailor-made course covers several areas, including familiarisation with forcible means equipment and its use and maintenance. Working together with you, we will find out what you need and want, after which we will customise a training course tailored specifically to you.

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Courses for professionals

Refresher course in the use of force

Statutory annual refresher courses authorise the participants to carry forcible means equipment, and help guards to maintain their skills in the use of force.
Duration: 8 hours / Price: €140/person (incl. VAT)


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Use of force, General module

Intended for guards and security stewards. Authorises the participant to carry handcuffs and a vinyl baton when on duty, and make participants eligible to undergo certain modules of use-of-force training, such as the use of pepper spray. 
Duration: 6 hours / Price: €60/person (incl. VAT)

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Training in the use of pepper spray

Intended for guards and security stewards. The prerequisite for this training workshop is that the participant has completed the general module.
Duration: 5 hours / Price: €100/person (incl. VAT)

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Training in the use of a telescope baton

This training workshop is intended for guards and security stewards referred to in the Security Stewards Act. It authorises the participant to carry a telescopic baton on duty. The prerequisite for this training workshop is the possession of a guard identity card and successful completion of the general module of the use-of-force training.
Duration: 5 hours / Price: €100/person (incl. VAT)

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Training in firearms for guards

This training is intended for guards who work as personal guards or secure security transportation agents, or work at high-risk objects of guard (nuclear power plants). The prerequisite for this training is the possession of a guard’s identity card and successful completion of the general and special module of the use-of-force training.

The training consists of a theoretical module and practical training, after which the student must take a hands-on examination.

We offer a comprehensive training workshop which includes a tactical first-aid course and extra training in the handling of firearms
Duration: 34 hours / Price: €900/person (incl. VAT)

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Basic course for a security steward

This course is intended for those who want to work as security stewards, for example, at public events, restaurants, shopping centres or at major public events.

Upright individuals, 18 years of age or older, who have been authorised by the police and who have successfully completed the basic course for security stewards can work as a security steward.
Duration: 32 hours / Price €180/person (incl. VAT)

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Refresher course for a security steward

This training workshop is a refresher course on key legislation, engages the participants in use-of-force training and provides them with other fact-based training necessary for security stewards in their work. Individuals with either a valid guard’s identity card or a card that has expired less than 6 months ago are eligible for participation.
Duration: 8 hours / Price: €80/person (incl. VAT)

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