Personal protection outside finland

Our customer belongs to the top management of a major company and travels on business in Europe and the Middle East. This person spends 200 days a year outside Finland.
Due to changes to threat scenarios that have taken place in certain countries and the customer’s own experiences, this person has asked our company to clarify how his/her security could be ensured on business trips.

The company contacted the Nordic Security Service. Working in collaboration with the customer, we analysed his/her situation. Based on this analysis, we proposed a solution to our customer that ensured his/her wellbeing and integrity with assistance from our personnel.

We assigned an individual to accompany our customer in such locations on his/her business trips where the risk analysis indicated that such protection was required. The individual responsible for our customer’s security had a long experience of police work related to personal security, both in and outside Finland. Accomplished in languages, this individual had gained familiarity with the customer’s work environment, preparing transport and accommodation plans in advance. Our customer met this individual at the airport, from which they continued to the hotel. On the following days, our customer was accompanied by this individual, who inconspicuously selected routes and locations with the lowest risk level.