Company security

Company A was on the verge of signing a contract with a major international customer, but some security issues related to logistics still required clarification. The company in charge of security had prepared security and risk surveys three years previously, but, according to Company A, they had not been updated. The management of Company A contacted Nordic Security Service, requesting consultation on the issue.

First, the nature of risks related to logistics and the associated office needed to be clarified. When an overall picture of the threats became available, tests needed to be carried out in order to find out how easily risks could materialise. Then, a security plan would have to be drawn up and communicated to the company responsible for security.

During the weeks following the commissioning, Nordic Security Service’s personnel in the field approached the logistics area of Company A several times, attempting to break into the area and the office in which data which must not fall into the hands of outsiders were stored. Company B, responsible for the guarding, access control and surveillance equipment of the area, could prevent our more easily detectable attempts to access the area. However, we detected a gap in the access control system, which potentially enabled the wrong people to enter the area, provided they had enough information on the personnel of Company A. 
This gap could be closed using very simple means. Working in collaboration with Company A and the company in charge of access control, we brought the access control system up to date. Company A was able to provide their new customer with a report which indicated that all security requirements had been fulfilled to the letter.